Hike 'N Seek 2017

Planning Committees:

Sponsorship Team:

Marsha Richwine (gmsnrich) (Team Lead)
Contact: info@hikenseek2017.org

Josh Spaete (Team Schnauzer)

Roger Spaete (Team Schnauzer)

Sherre Fisher (S47Fish)


Law Enforcement Liaison Team:

Steve Buser (RedheadBasset)*

Gary Bucklin (barnstrmr)


Design Team:

Vicki Harris (imgrendel) (Team Lead)

Nicole Richwine  (gmsnrich)

Sarah Bunge (Team Schnauzer), graphic designer

Dan Phelps (Dan Phelps Ink), official design partner

Kyle Clark (kclarky165), logo concept designer


Logistics Team:

Doug Jansen (captainJ) (Team Lead)

Traci Imlau (i@t3)

Angie Buser (RedheadBasset)

Jessica Lambert (Speedy85)


Media Team:

Marsha & Greg Richwine  (gmsnrich)


Cache Placement Team:

Mark Miller (M4ISU) (Team Lead)

Jared Mills (KCCG)

Ken Kauble (kennyk4165)

Barb Berry (FWIA)

Kyle Clark (kclarky165)

Bryan Ray (Trex1)

Executive Committee:

Josh Spaete (Team Schnauzer), event co-coordinator

Doug Jansen (CaptainJ), event co-coordinator

For questions contact at info@hikenseek2017.org



*Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the family of Steve Buser.  Steve passed away suddenly while on duty with the Ames Fire Department. Steve “RedheadBasset” was a member of the Hike ‘N Seek Team.  He will be greatly missed.